Monday, December 7, 2015

Just Call Yourselves Hill Monsters.

Good evening LRCers,

Get it? Like Cookie Monsters? Except you gobble hills instead of cookies? Too lame? Okay fine.

Hopefully you all had a lovely first weekend of December. We got a little Sunday skiing in ourselves on Togwotee and Amber is a little too excited about having bought her first pair of skate skis at a thrift store, so bring on the face-plants! *Evan stands by with camera*

No actually, it's gonna be just like this:

Tuesday Workout
This week we're heading back to the hills, don't worry, you're going to be in such good shape come springtime. Meet at the entrance to the LVHS track at 5:30 pm, we'll do a warm-up jog over to Welch Blvd and we'll do 10 x 30 seconds.

Thanks to those of you who've taken a moment to give feedback on a winter yoga for athletes class! If you have been meaning to take it, but haven't found a good moment yet, here it is!

To reiterate, this would ideally come at a small cost - $4 or $5 a piece and it would happen weekly on a night other than the regular LRC workout. It would replace the LRC workout on extra cold nights and you could choose to come to both on weeks where it doesn't replace the LRC workout proper and we host both. No promises yet, but just testing the waters.

Thanks, friends!

Amber and Evan

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