Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yoga For Athletes Until Further Notice

Good evening, LRCers!

Rather than write a new blog post every week to announce the same thing, we thought we'd just do this one. If you're reading this (and there's not a newer post on the blog), we're still replacing the weekly speed or hill work with Yoga for Athletes, Monday nights from 7:30-8:30. Drop-ins are $4 or you can purchase a ten pack for $30, which gets you into any of the community classes (including Amber's noon-12:45 Flow class on Tuesdays or Alyssa's noon-12:45 Flow class on Thursdays).

If you're having reservations about doing yoga because you've never done it or you think you have to be flexible, or you think you're not "good" at it, or you think it's not relevant to your running; here's what we'll tell you: 

1) Despite common misperception, you do NOT need to be flexible to do yoga. In fact, many runners are inherently stiffer, especially in the hamstrings, quads and low back, which is okay and even beneficial to an extent, but can diminish your running economy at best and lead to injury at worst if not kept in check. Yoga is a great way to keep your muscles and tendons happy and to stave off injury.

2) Yoga is a great way to strengthen supporting muscles, particularly in the lower legs and feet and it's also good for overall body-weight strength training. All of these things are superb compliments to your training as a runner and more importantly they help you to avoid injury by balancing out your muscle strength and stabilizing your joints.

3) The wintertime is the "off- or low-key season" in many of our training plans, which makes this an optimal time to focus on building strength and mobility before we dive into our more focused training in the spring.

4) Wintertime is also cold, but you know that, and why pass up an opportunity to do something for yourself once or twice a week that doesn't involve slipping on the ice or accumulating crystals on facial hairs you didn't even know you had.

5) Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional exercise and also provides a unique opportunity for reflection and relaxation that too many of us don't get in our busy lives today. This relates to our training as runners because as much as we often try to, we cannot compartmentalize our lives. Stress in real-life translates into physical stress that inhibits our ability to improve our running and avoid injury. Yoga provides a set time every week to mitigate that stress and bring our lives as a whole one step closer to being balanced.

What to bring:
  • Yourself and some comfortable clothing. For men maybe it's a t-shirt and gym shorts or sweat pants and for women a t-shirt and running pants. The studio has (clean) mats available for your use at no cost if you don't have your own.
  • You can pay the small fee with cash, check or credit card. All of the fee $ goes straight to the studio for use of the space and materials - so don't worry, LRC is still technically workin' for free! 
* While our track workouts are usually more time-flexible, please show up no later than 7:30pm to give yourself time to set up before class starts. Also, for the safety and privacy of the class, and so the class can start on time without interruption, the studio doors will lock at 7:32.

Whether you've never stepped foot in a yoga studio before or you're just stoked to have another opportunity for a class in town, we hope we see you there! Bring a friend!

Cheers and Namaste!

Amber and Evan

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