Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Training

Photo of Amber trail running last spring. 

I think to some, Spring Training means sitting in sun-baked bleachers, drinking beer and watching other people play baseball.

For us, it usually means running in some combinations of rain, snow, mud, sun, mud, and mud. It's that time of year when the word "Bentonite" strikes fear into the hearts of strong men and women. People who've spent their whole lives wandering the mountains, persisting and even thriving on this cold, barren earth, tremble and quake at the thought of another step through these cursed, saturated soils.

Fortunately for you, perhaps, you can skip the rain-snow mix on the track tomorrow evening: Amber and I both have meetings so we are canceling this week's Workout Wednesday.

But to make up for it, we're going to host the first Saturday trail run for the year! You might be missing the rain-snow mix Wednesday, but we can make up for that with some kind of slushy mudfest on Saturday. Let's run the nature trails in Sinks Canyon. Meet at the Popo Agie Campground (Forest Service) day use parking lot at 9 am on Saturday. Folks can run for as short or long as they like. In the group has usually done between 5 and 7 miles.

As of next week, we're going to transition the newsletter from weekly to monthly and see how it goes. We'll plan to schedule a once-a-month group trail run and lay out the Wednesday workouts for the month so folks can incorporate them (or skip them) strategically.

Sound good? Okay, great.

But wait, there's more!

Yoga for Athletes continues: Monday night at Ananda Yoga from 7:30 to 8:30. $4 to drop in or $3 if you buy a 10 punch pass. Mats are available at the studio. Doors lock at 7:30, please be on time. Come get your thigh burn on!

  • Run the Red is June 4th. Register here.
  • Rough and Tumble Trail Races, LRC's own races are back and scheduled for June 25th. We're adding a 50k distance this year! Check out the ultrasignup page and register for the race here
  • Critter Run 5k in Riverton is this Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 pm! $20 pre-register/$25 day-of, and you can bring your critters on your run! Who's got a pet crocodile? Looks like you can sign up here
  • A couple weeks out: Riverton Elementary School 5k color run (Friday, May 13) and the Round Up for Remembrance Hospice 5k in Lander (Saturday, May 14)
That's all I've got for now.

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