Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of the monthly newsletter! Below you will find June's Wednesday Workouts, events, and other news. 
If you know of other events or interesting news, please let us know and we will update this post!

but first... SINKS CANYON ROUGH AND TUMBLE TRAIL RUNS are coming up soon! If you plan to run we'd love it if you registered sooner than later- it helps us with ordering t-shirts, bibs, and planning day-of logistics. We'll also need lots of volunteers, so if you don't plan to run but still want to be involved in the fun, we can help! We'll need folks at the start/finish to help with registration, timing, and food, and we'll need people to run aid stations. Please email us at landerrunning@gmail.com if you're interested in volunteering!

WORKOUT WEDNESDAYS (LVHS track @ 5:30 unless otherwise noted)

June 1: Let's do these again, I had fun blowing the whistle a lot last time. We'll do mid-interval accelerations, moving from I pace into R pace to simulate a surge in a 5k race. It will hurt a lot be really fun.

6 x (2 min I pace + 30 sec R pace + 3 min recovery)

June 8: T-pace, T-pace, T-pace. It's the staple of the distance running diet.

6 min T pace + 5 min T pace + 4 min (with 90 sec rest between intervals) + 4 strides at the end

June 15: No-Coach Workout

Evan and Amber have a BBQ to attend, and Bighorn is a few days away (read: Evan needs to be focused on eating and sleeping a lot). If you still want to run, try doing a progression run: start out at an easy pace for 1-2 miles, and each mile thereafter pick up your pace by 15-30 seconds per mile.

June 22: Hills! You just can't get enough of them. Meet at the track at 5:30 and we can jog over as a group to the Vance Dr. or Garner Dr. hill, (or meet us at their intersection with Cascade around 5:45-5:50)

12 x (30 sec hard uphill, 2 min recovery) (note: two more than the last time! yeehaw)

June 29: Mixed bag workout (to keep things interesting)

1 x 5 min T pace
2 x 3 min I pace
4 x 1 min R pace

Yoga for Athletes is over for the season :'( BUT you can still catch other classes by Amber and Alyssa at Ananda Yoga! The studio has also moved from the community class format to a happy hour system where you get half price yoga classes if you bring a friend.


  • Run the Red half marathon and marathon is June 4th. Register here. Evan and Amber will be doing timing for the race- hope to see you out there!
  • Sinks Canyon Rough and Tumble Trail Runs, LRC's own races, are back and scheduled for June 25th. We're adding a 50k distance this year! You can register for the race here
  • Superhero 5k fun run/walk, Riverton (Friday, June 3)
  • Fast and Furriest 5k run/walk, Riverton (Saturday, June 4)

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