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July Newsletter - Big ol' thank you to Rough and Tumble Volunteers

A stellar view from the 50k course on race morning
Happy July, friends!

Welcome to the third edition of the monthly newsletter! Below you will find July's Wednesday Workouts, events, and other news.

If you know of other events or interesting news, please let us know and we will update this post!

Man, we hope you're looking forward to this month as much as we are!

But before we jump into workouts and events, we've got some really important things to say:

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to our Rough and Tumble Volunteers and Sponsors
We absolutely COULD NOT do this thing without the gracious support of this amazing community we have here in Lander. From the businesses who donated prizes, money and time, to the volunteers who stayed up late on the trails with us Friday night, woke up early on their Saturday morning, baked in the heat Saturday during the race and/or dedicated their runs on Sunday to picking up the course: THANK YOU.

Specifically, we want to thank:

Jenna Ackerman at The Middle Fork restaurant for her extremely generous donation of some bomber finish line food. Last year, we were grilling generic mystery hot dogs because that's what we could afford. But this year, thanks to Jenna's support, we had delectable pulled pork, peppers, and scrambled egg tacos at the finish line. She also donated the money that bought all the fixin's.

Thanks to the awesome accounting firm McKee, Marburger & Fagnant, P.C. (this is where Evan and I do our taxes) for donating to the cause. If you wanna know where your first to the top of the Fossil/Fairfield hill premiums came from - these guys. Thanks specifically to our accountant and dear friend, Dave Goldman for making that happen.

Crux Coffee, Tea and Sustenance donated those lovely gift cards you got if you finished in the top three of your race. Without that lovely addition, our 2nd and 3rd place prizes would have felt a lot lame.

County 10 not only donated those super nice water bottles you got as prizes, but they were also kind enough to help spread the word through some donated advertisements. Were it not for their help, we very likely would not have seen those 70 runners on race day. They also contributed this fabulous video of the 11 mile start, thanks Jenna!

Hairapy's Emily Rich doing her thing at the finish line!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Home Source Realty for generously donating to the race. Flagging and signs for the course are vital as are the aid station food and drinks. All of this is also rather expensive. This race could not have gone so smoothly and been so prepared without their help.

Did you enjoy a post race massage at the finish line? Pretty sweet, right? That was all Hairapy Salon and Essentials and the very talented hands of Emily Rich. Thank you, Emily!

The backside of Fairfield on the 50k course
Have you, or are you thinking about a post race massage with Jagoe Warren? You should. Evan and I go to her for all of our pre- and post-race aches and pains. The woman has magic fingers. And she also donated $10 off coupons for our racers. Did we also mention that she was running the Fossil Hill Aid Station all day on Saturday!? This woman is a saint. And Lander just wouldn't be the same without her (quite literally) constant community contributions.

Shoshone Rose Casino paid for the rest of the aid station goodies and plentiful finish line watermelon! They also pitched in on the T-shirt tab.

You already knew this, but Ken and Betty's donated your free ice cream cones! Need we say more? There's really nothing like finishing a hard race on a hot day and topping it off with a heaping ice cream cone from the local shop. Thanks, guys!

And last, but definitely not least: Our volunteers. Thank you to our race course flaggers Lindsay Priefert, Travis Davis, Jake Wallace, Alyssa Rainbolt, Jeff Mogavero, and Heather Ekstrom. These folks spent all night Friday (until 11:30!) with us marking the course. It's also worth mentioning that Jake, Alyssa and Jeff not only ran the steepest sections of the course Friday to mark them, but they also ran the race on Saturday morning and crushed. Yeah, we know, right? They freakin' rock.

Telling war stories, surely.
Mike Bostick, Meghan Thompson, Donna Ferguson, Jagoe Warren, Emily Tilden, Cristina Gonzalez, Betsy Milek, Cindy Hayford, and Shad Hamilton were the super heroes who made sure you were taken care of at aid stations and the start/finish line. Shad hauled supplies to the remote aid station on Fairfield Hill for the 50kers and made it down to run the 11 miler himself. The rest of those amazing souls were out on the course in the heat ALL DAY to make sure every runner was looked after and had what they needed to keep going.

Mike Bostick, Gabe Joyes and Jenny Joyes helped us run the course and clean up the flags and signs on Saturday night and Sunday. Thank you so much for your help! Considering Evan just ran 100 miles the week before and I'm babying a knee tweak, we quite literally could not have done all of that without your time and energy.

Finally, we have to mention this because it's incredible that there apparently wasn't even an accidental incident of littering: we want to thank everyone who ran these races for being excellent stewards of our public lands. Flagging aside, we did not find a SINGLE piece of trash out on the course Saturday night or Sunday when we were picking up flags. I'm pretty sure this is unheard of. So thank you so much for being mindful and considerate out there!

No amount of thanking could ever be enough. Our volunteers, sponsors and runners are the life source for this event. We hope you all had a great time and we'll see you next year!

Now for our July weekly workouts!

Wednesday Workouts, 5:30 pm.
July 6th
Meet at the LVHS track. It's T pace for the lot of you!
6, 5, and 4 minutes at T pace with 90 seconds rest in between.

July 13th
Meet at the LVHS track. Mixed bag workout!
6 min at T pace--2 minutes rest, 2 x 3 minutes at I pace--2 minutes rest in between, FULL rest and finish with 4 x 30 seconds at R pace with full rest in between.

July 20th
Fartlek workout on the track. There might be popsicles.
Whatever we have up our sleeves that day, just follow the whistle. Muahahahaha!

July 27th
We have to cancel this one. Evan and I will be at a county Recreation Board meeting and barbecue. Feel free to look up one of our past workouts and take to the track yourself!

Upcoming Events!
  • Fourth of July Challenge for Charities 1/2 marathon, 5k, and kid's 1 mile mad dash! Register by Noon tomorrow (Friday) to take advantage of the convenience of online registration.
    • Packet-pickup and in person registration happens Sunday, July 3rd from 10am to 5pm at Wild Iris Mountain Sports. 
    • Day-of registration is available, but we hope you'll be much kinder to us than that. We'll be straight with you, it's a major headache, so please, for the love of all things running and the graciousness of volunteers, please, register before 5pm on the 3rd! Plus, if you wait to register until the morning of, there's no guarantee you'll get a race time or a race t-shirt because our timer may or may not have the time to add your information into the system before the finish and because we only have so many t-shirts and most will be gone by then. 
That's all for July, folks! We'll see you out there! 

Cheers to an adventurous summer! 

Amber and Evan

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