Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lander Running Club

run to your summit

Intervals + Fueling

March Group Run and Clinic
With a variety of options on the market, which fueling option is actually the best? It all depends on you and your run! Let us help you crack the label code and find out what works best for you. 
Meeting Place: Wild Iris Mountain Sports (parking lot), 166 Main St.
Date/Time: Saturday, March 18th, 10:00 am
Running Route: Cross over to the River Pathway (parallel to S. 1st St.). The entire workout will stay on the 1/2 mile pathway so bring your kids too!
Running Plan: Interval Ladder (mixture of faster running with recovery running). This workout will benefit any runner out there, so that means you!
Post Run Clinic: 11:00 am- Back to Wild Iris Mountain Sports to learn about and sample fueling options.

Not an LRC member yet? It's not to late! There are still 298 days left in 2017. Click on the link below to see more membership details. 
LRC members will receive a $10 discount for the 50k and 11M and $5 discount for 4M!

Check out our new race website and register for the Rough and Tumble Trail races:

Plans for 2017
The Lander Running Club calendar is always evolving, but so far we have group runs, track workouts, clinics, and races planned for 2017.

Check out the what we have planned so far this year!
Join the other 1000 runners for the biggest running event in Fremont County. It's a guaranteed run 'n fun good time!

Learn more and register for the C4C races at the Lander Community Foundation website:
run to your summit

What running goals do you have for 2017?
Whether you are running your first race, taking a leap to a longer distance, or just trying to enjoy running, we are excited to hear about your summit.


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