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Here are some existing resources for local road routes and trails:

Lander Cycling Club: landercycling.org
The Bike Mill (New bike shop in the old Purina Mill in downtown Lander): thebikemill.com/trail-info

Road Routes

The Tomato Loop
The Tomato Loop is likely the most popular road loop from town. You'll see more foot traffic than automobile traffic. The loop itself is 3.83 miles, but of course add whatever mileage it takes you to get to it.

For some additional road fun around town, consider the courses for the Challenge for Charities 5k and Half Marathon, great races put on by the Lander Community Foundation every 4th of July in Lander. If you've never spent July 4th in Lander, it's a great reason to do so, and I promise you won't be able to avoid having a good time! Maps below:

Challenge for Charities 5k route

Challenge for Charities Half Marathon route (same as the Squaw-Baldwin Loop as described by Lander Cycling Club below)

And the image below from the Lander Cycling Club gives an overview of other popular road loops in and around Lander
Road loops map from the Lander Cycling Club

"Year-round," Local Trails
You will undoubtedly hear someone sling around the names "The Bus," and "Johnny Behind the Rocks." The latter is, unfortunately, not the location of a hidden toilet. They are two trail systems near Lander.
The Bus is best accessed from Baldwin Creek Rd, approximately an 8 minute drive from downtown. To get there, turn left onto Baldwin Creek Rd from Main St (the first light immediately north of Safeway), and follow it out 4.2 miles. You'll cross a cattle guard, and there will be a dirt pullout immediately on the left and right, and a larger one just a hundred or so yards up the road. The trail starts on the left side of the road. Where to go from there? Wherever your heart desires. Sand, slickrock, mud, singletrack, and double track all await! You can't get lost. Think a super miniature Moab or Sedona...
There are many trails, and it seems that someone is turning an old cow path into a new trail every week. It would be hard to get very lost, because, as the name of the loop might imply, Squaw and Baldwin Creek roads form a loop around The Bus trails. There is a lot of single track, and a good amount of double track. It melts out pretty quickly after snowfall with some sunny days. Some of the trails have a higher clay-content soil and stay pretty slick for a while once they get wet, but many of the trails are sandier and run/ride just fine moist. This is my favorite running destination for mid-week runs. You can have a pretty aesthetic and challenging 6 mi run, but if you are looking to do much more than that, you might be pulling some figure eights and running some sections two or three times, but a 10 miler is totally reasonable.
The Bus: Trail map by the Lander Cycling Club
4.2 miles to The Bus from the Main St. / Baldwin Creek Rd. Intersection.
Johnny Behind the Rocks is another great trail system, approximately a 15-20 min drive from downtown Lander. It was recently developed with many volunteer hours as a product of a partnership between the Lander Cycling Club and the BLM. The link below is a PDF of the current formal trails established there. In addition to those trails, there are endless miles of two track roads spanning BLM land in the region. If you're looking to log some longer miles, especially when other, higher trails are snowy, this is a great place to do it!

For an idea of the routes, loops, and mileage possible, check out the route maps for the recently-established mountain biking race, the Jurassic Classic. PDFs of the three race category routes below (again, courtesy of the Lander Cycling Club!):

AND! Here are a few more trails and route ideas from another local (I'll flesh out the beta a bit more as time allows):

-Middle fork trail in sinks canyon (my favorite, close trail). Can be an out-and-back or loop up with sheep's bridge trail to worthern meadows and the catalyst trail to make a big loop mostly all on single track
-Nature trail/warming hut trails in Sinks canyon
-Catalyst trail in sinks canyon
-Main wall climber trail in sinks canyon (usually dry all year)
-Fairfield hill road in sinks canyon (usually dry all year)
-Wild Iris climber trail
-Shoshone lake road (at the peak of baldwin-squaw loop).
-BLM land at Government Draw (but wear hunter orange and watch out for people shooting guns!) Similar location to Johnny Behind the Rocks, so runable all year long, in fact its better in the winter because there are less people out shooting!

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